Wednesday, October 8, 2008

About College Football Tickets

Let's face it, college football is an addiction! What's better than waking up on a Saturday morning knowing you've got tickets to the college football game of your FAVORITE team?

Tailgating, BBQ, Message Boards, Painted Face, Fan Singns made of Poster Board (or pizza boxes if you're a student)... Any of this sound familiar? If so, you love college football.

Getting tickets to see your favorite team might not be as easy as painting your school's logo on your chest while looking in the mirror, however, a sure fire way of getting college football tickets is through a registerd ticket broker that carries college football tickets.

You might think to yourself, these "ticket brokers" are just online scalpers... That's not the case. Ticket brokers online are part of what is called the secondary ticket market. This secondary ticket market is a pool of brokers across the country that have tickets for events and put them all into a ticket board. Then any website can sell another broker's tickets.

In addition, ticket brokers give you the option of sitting where you want for the big game. If you've ever ordered tickets over the phoe, through the box office or from a scalper in the parking lot, you don't have much of an option where you sit. However, a ticket website allows you to browse between dozens and hundreds of tickets available for a single event. This ensures that you can choose your seats!

The prices may be slightly higher for tickets through a ticket website (supply and demand) compared to the face value but weigh the options:

1. You can choose where you want to sit
2. You will not get in trouble for doing business with a scalper
3. You have your tickets in hand before the game
4. Your tickets are guaranteed authentic tickets
5. If the game is postponed, cancelled or is not played, you get a full refund
6. Your transaction is processed through a safe and secure server so your identity is guaranteed safe
7. You can always call customer service for help with an order
8. You can often order tickets before they are on sale to the public
9. Tickets will be shipped 2nd day or overnight to any location (even hotels for away games)
10. If you missed your chance at the box office, you've always got a back up with an online ticket broker

If those 10 reasons aren't enough to make you think twice about ordering college football tickets online, then you're a tough cookie to sell. But the difference between you and someone else is that if you refuse to buy tickets online, you may be watching the game at home while someone else is sitting in your 50 yard line seats on the home side enjoying a great game between rivals!

College football tickets are your key to the game and you'd better make sure you've got your Tennessee Vols football tickets. There's nothing like being at the game!

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Getting to the Game

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