Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bobby Maze Rap With Lyrics

Bobby Maze has caused quite a stir from the fans with his newest freestyle rap song.
Hear and watch it:

Read and React to it:
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Huh? I put on.
I put on for Tennessee.
I'm here, the solution has arrived.
I put on I put on I put on for Tennessee (repeated)
Like this, I had to sweep em out, just like ugly.
Told em I'm put in on, yes I'm the Tennessee.
I ain't really playin, got the ball yeah pull the clipse.
You goin catch me throwin alley hoops to Tylie Smith.
You ain't got to worry, bout that, yeah on the ski.
Don't forget about the All-American Hopson.
B Maze, be amazed, this thing is not a game.
Who am I to blame?
Maryland, never change.
Yeah I'm on a mission, they got me on the c.
Same routine, in the gym, you know what I mean.
I can't forget about my man Prince.
Can't forget about my man Prince.
But now I'm bringin it back.
Yeah they catch me on the scene.
And they catch me on the site.
And I'm feelin alright.
Everybody say "why you got so many tatoos?"
Cause I guess there's its lot of things that I've been through.
Well you can't get me out of my rhythm.
At the five hollar at my man Wayne Chism.
And tell throw it down, I'm a put it on your block.
If you bring it to the rim, yeah Cameron block your shot.
I ain't playin, can't forget about my man Cam Tatum.
Yall better stop playin, yall some potatoes.
We gonna run the SEC, you don't want to play with me.
Got my cousin right here, what you tryin to do?
I've been working on my game, yeah kid got flow.
Left Oklahoma alone, did my thing in JUCO.
Player of the Year in the conference,
Look at my feet, nothing on but steady marchin.
You can see I put it on for Tennessee.
And I'm the only 10 that you see.
Can't forget, can't wait for the season.
Promise a championship, can't wait till the season.
For Tennessee, I put on for Tennessee, I put on. (repeated)
Yo, like this, like this hey.
They gonna need yo.
They better call a cab.
Defense better watch over with Josh Tabb.
Cause he gonna strap it up, and I'm a wrap it up.
And its gonna be like Shaq gots cappin up.
This is what we do.
If you talk trash, man we comin for you.
Right here, we have no fears.
There is no exceptions, I'm a Volunteer.
Why you mad at me, cause I got an orange and white?
But I don't think you want to start a fight, tonight.
I ain't playin cause this team is just the best.
And a shout out to the point guard Daniel West.
Cause he gonna rake you up, and he gonna shake you up.
And what he don't do I'm gonna make it up.
Cause this is what I do.
Yeah I'm talkin to you.
And everything I say, best believe, it is true.
Is yall mad at me?
Is yall crazy?
Can't forget about my man Big Baby.
From the NYC. That's New York City.
And yall mad at me better get your committee.
And little girl, I'm gonna rock your world.
Cause we gonna press, thanks to coach Pearl.
So you better watch out, you know what we about.
And about to lounge, like I'm chillin on the couch.
I am the resolution, am the solution.
And all you haters is just pollution.
Leave me alone. Leave me alone.
We coming for that championship....home.
For Tennessee, I put on for Tennessee, I put on. (repeated)

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