Tuesday, May 6, 2008

TVB-Final Update

Alright folks, were releasing the last update before we roll out the awards for the Top Vol Blog competition. So bloggers, it's your last chance to beg the readers for the votes and readers, if you haven't voted yet, what are you waiting for? Although there are more votes, nothing has changed as of yet in the order. Voting as of now stands at 125 total votes with Losers With Socks in the lead with 44 votes. Fulmer's Belly is in second with 33 votes while Volnation's Blog (21 votes) and Rocky Top Talk (19 votes) race for third. So here we are, we've got just 9 nights, 8 days left to vote. The next update will come May 15th when we roll out the buttons each blog has earned.


MoonDog said...

Still going strong with two votes. I'm impressed with my level of futility.

Sports Fan said...

You need to bump that TVB Hot Link post and get your readers over here.

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