Thursday, May 15, 2008

Top Vol Blog Awards

Here we have it folks. The results are in. The fans voted.
The World According to Moondog
Fan Votes: 2
Staff Votes: 0
Gate 21
Fan Votes: 7
Staff Votes: 0
Rocky Top Talk
Fan Votes: 20
Staff Votes: 0
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Something crazy happened. There was a tie.
Volnation Blog
Fan Votes: 37
Staff Votes: 0
Fulmer's Belly
Fan Votes: 37
Staff Votes: 0
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Losers with Socks
Fan Votes: 55
Staff Votes: 4
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Monday, May 12, 2008

The Future

No, that is not a Kelly Washington reference. Alright, it seems some change will be taking place here at UT Vols Football in the upcoming weeks. We start out with the Top Vol Blog Awards rolling out Thursday, May 15th. As for change to the site, we will reveal a new header for the site, made by the very talented Sabanocchio. We're also thinking about making the switch to Wordpress, which is another blog network that seems to have more functions and a better setup for a growing blog like ours. Relating it to the Top Vol Blog awards, 5 of the 6 are run in Wordpress. We'd like to hear your feedback on this, either in the comments section or by email at You could help in making this decision easier and where we want to go as a site.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Weekend Links

Some links to check out for the weekend:
1% of 1% -Losers with Socks- This Gator is the epitome of class.
Bruce Pearl roast - Volnation Blog- A few jokes on Bruce Pearl, with B. Maze info and interview.
Chick Pic of the Day - Jennifer Aniston - The World According to Moondog- A few pictures of the ex-Friends star.
Way Too Early Prediction: Alabama ‘08 - Picture Me Rollin- They win one game and it goes to their heads. What's up with that?
Are we having fun yet? - A Sea of Blue- Maggard has hit Vol message boards with his fancy radio show, and it seems he's sucked the guys from there in too.
2008-2009 Vol roster is set; summer schedule - The BruceBall Blog- RBK tells us what to expect from him in the future.
A scare for all bama fans- Third Saturday in Blogtober- Bammer linebacker suffers minimal injuries in a motorcycle accident.
Vol Talk Message Board- I guess I'm semi-endorsed by the guys over there, or at least they are nice enough to put up with me. Check out RobVol and crew and tell 'em I sent you.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Bobby Maze to Tennessee

It didn't take long for Tennessee to find a replacement at point guard. The Vols picked up Bobby Maze on Wednesday. Maze said: "The plane landed and I breathed in that Knoxville air...You see those seats in the arena and how high they go up, and all the sellout crowds, the Jumbotron screens everywhere, the practice facility. You have every tool here to be successful.”

The junior college All-American was also looking at Cincinnati and Kentucky, but decided Tennessee was the place for him. “I wanted to play on a team where I had a chance to win a championship, and the players here at Tennessee are the best players you could want to play with."

Maze flew in just yesterday and knew this was the place for him. He said he plans to enroll in first term of summer classes at Tennessee and take part in the Pilot Rocky Top Summer League.

He started his freshman year at Oklahoma, and played with Hutchinson (Kan.) Community College last season, where he averaged 20.7 points, 6.7 assists and 4.5 rebounds per game. Not to mention a team leading 55 steals.

Maze is a great pickup for the Vols, after they lost starter Ramar Smith late last week. He will be expected to start right away, and perhaps give advise to incoming freshman Daniel West.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

TVB-Final Update

Alright folks, were releasing the last update before we roll out the awards for the Top Vol Blog competition. So bloggers, it's your last chance to beg the readers for the votes and readers, if you haven't voted yet, what are you waiting for? Although there are more votes, nothing has changed as of yet in the order. Voting as of now stands at 125 total votes with Losers With Socks in the lead with 44 votes. Fulmer's Belly is in second with 33 votes while Volnation's Blog (21 votes) and Rocky Top Talk (19 votes) race for third. So here we are, we've got just 9 nights, 8 days left to vote. The next update will come May 15th when we roll out the buttons each blog has earned.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Eric Berry Graces Cover

Eric Berry lands the cover of Athlon Sports Magazine.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Duke Crews and Ramar Smith Dismissed

Just a day after the story of Chris Lofton's triumphant victory over cancer was released, the basketball program at Tennessee took a shot back to reality. It was announced that sophomores Duke Crews and Ramar Smith have been dismissed from the team. Coach Bruce Pearl announced that the dismissal of both are not related and is more of a build up of incidents, more than it is one particular one. Pearl was quoted saying: “We just felt like — both the University of Tennessee and these student athletes — we’d be better served to move on.”

The dismissals are attributed to 'violations of UT’s substance abuse policy and academic shortcomings.' Vol fans most likely remember Duke Crews's run-in with the law in September, when he was handed a 30-day suspension for violations of team rules. It was found out that prior to the suspension that he had failed a drug test. A heart condition left him out of the beginning of the most recent season, but he was cleared to play and by the end of the year starting to pick up his game.

It's no secret that Ramar Smith has had academic trouble lately. The point guard from Detroit had problems just getting into Tennessee, when his SAT test was late to be validated. But, he was cleared to play, and late in his freshman year, Smith had played a major role in the Sweet Sixteen run. But, September of last year wasn't such a good month for Smith either. He was in an accident when borrowing a teammate's car and had fled before police arrived.

While the dismissal of these two isn't exactly a shock, after the recent history of both and rumors involving academic problems for Ramar, it still hurts. The two had great potential and helped load a team that has talent to make another serious run. It had been reported, that the Vols have offered Bobby Maze a scholarship. Maze, a point-guard, started for Oklahoma as a freshman but he too was dismissed from the team. In the paint, however, it must be expected that Ryan Childress and perhaps even Brian Williams could see more time in 08-09, filling in for Crews. The Smith count for the Vols has dropped down to 1.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Chris Lofton: Cancer Survivor

We've all heard Chris Lofton's story of overcoming the odds at Tennessee after being rejected by the Kentucky basketball powerhouses. But today, ESPN reported that Lofton overcame something other than his college basketball career, he overcame cancer. The diagnosis came just days after the Vols dropped the Sweet Sixteen game to Ohio State, concluding the 2006-2007 season. Lofton was randomly selected to submit to an NCAA-mandated drug test following the Long Beach State victory. Officials for the university were notified the day of the OSU game that results were positive, it was later discovered that what actually showed up on that test was a tumor marker. Chris underwent an ultrasound on March 26th, which confirmed that the star guard had cancer. Secretive surgery was scheduled two days later in the early morning, where Lofton's parents were secretely taken into the hospital and Pearl arrived in what was described as "semi-disguised". But Chris pushed on, and he decided early that it was something he would take straight on.
The 3-point artist fought through the surgery, radiation, distress, and recovery nearly single-handedly. Those that knew about the cancer prior to the recent breakout included: Lofton's parents, the Tennessee coaches and medical staff and a handful of others. It was so closely kept a secret, that Lofton's extended family didn't even know he had this cancer. Lofton made it set in his mind, cancer wasn't going to beat him. Chris continued the radition, and finally met an end to the treatment. He is now cancer free, but will have checkups for the rest of his life. He pushed through an early season slump and tried not to force anything. He will continue to try for an NBA career, which you can expect him to beat the odds. The kid has already beaten the toughest test of his life.

Getting to the Game

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