Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Top Vol Blog

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Now I joined the Vol blogosphere a few months back and was welcomed with open arms by my fellow Vol bloggers. They posted links to me on their sites and let me know some tips. It wasn't long before I began to wonder about awards. I saw the College Football Awards and wanted to get one. So I continued to post and waited until the time came for the awards. I'm proud to say I wasn't even in the running. (Shouts WOO-HOO) So I failed this time, maybe next year. But, then the offseason came and I became bored. I wanted to find a way to thank those who welcomed me not even a year ago. I decided the best thing to do was to hold a competition. That's what all friends do right? I racked the brain for something and thought of the Top Vol Blog award. What's better than saying to the other Vol blogs, "I cover Tennessee sports better than you." (You didn't hear it from us and we don't abet it.) So there you have it, my idea for Top Vol Blog.
The Rules:
The fans will vote in the poll located on the side of the page. Sorry, but that's the best way to do it. If you cannot or do not see the poll located on the right side of this page please leave a comment telling us who it is you want. Voting will end exactly one month from now on May 15th at 4:00 PM ET. The fan vote will account for 80% of the overall vote, while the group we have here will count for the other 20%. The winner will be announced either May 15th in the evening or early May 16th morning.

The Lineup (alphabetically):
Leading off we have: Fulmer's Belly
Batting Second: Gate 21
Power Hitter: Losers with Socks
The Clutch: Rocky Top Talk
Fifth Up: The World According to Moondog
Last but not least: The Volnation Times Blog

So good luck and may the best blog win.
Self-Promotion is very much allowed.



MoonDog said...

Dude, this is a great idea and thanks for including me in the mix.

I'll proudly state here and now that it is my sincere honor to know I'll come in last. I work very hard being mediocre, and I strive to continue my level of ineptitude even further.

One serious note regarding the poll. There is an html break code appearing that you may want to clean up.


fulmer's belly said...

We at Fulmer's Belly would like to go ahead and accept this award, because obviously, the best UT blog well, is probably Rocky Top Talk, but just in case he can't attend the awards ceremony and neither can any of the other people nominated, we shall accept the title by default.

Thanks again.

Sports Fan said...

Haha, good to hear FB. It's really actually pretty cool because of all the great Tennessee blogs out there.

I'm calling out all those that read Moondogsports.com. Where are you guys at? :D

MoonDog said...

Plenty read, they just don't comment or vote. That's too hard for my readers. That extra key stroke is a monumental task. You have to remember, most of the people I know blog at Fox. Need I say more?

Dave S. said...

The 8th Maxim was the best Vols Blog at least in 2006. Wonder what happened?

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