Saturday, April 12, 2008

Scrimage Report

The offense did not have as tough a time moving the ball today as they have had in the past two scrimmages. Jonathan Crompton finished the day with two touchdowns on the ground. He went 17 of 22 for 146 yards with one interception and seven carries for 19 yards. Arian Foster had an impressive showing, carrying the ball seven times for 38 yards and catching two passes for 23 yards. Linebacker Rico McCoy had the play of the day, intercepting a B.J. Coleman pass and returning it 53 yards down to the two yard line. While Rico had a big pick, the defensive end trio of Ben Martin, Wes Brown and Robert Ayers also made plays. All three had two sacks apiece. Martin had 5 tackles, Brown and Ayers both had four tackles. Freshman Tauren Poole made some plays today. The Tocoa, Georgia native graduated a semester early from high school and enrolled at Tennessee so he could participate in spring practice. He had 17 carries for 45 yards and two catches for 14 yards. Lennon Creer had a 37 yard carry early on in the scrimmage and finished the day with 47 yards on the ground. Daniel Lincoln went 5 of 6 in field goals. Freshman fullback Kevin Cooper had 3 catches for 32 yards.

Other Thoughts
-Arian Foster has great hands out of the backfield. Look to see Clawson really use him as a receiving threat.
-Vereen had a bone-jarring hit on Tauren Poole today. He's still very raw back there.
-Gerald Jones had a great day today. He found all the soft spots in the zones and made the catch.
-Quintin Hancock will suprise people this coming season. He's gotten a lot better.
-Savion Frazier is a tackle machine.

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MoonDog said...

Great update. I'll post a link to this today. Got to mail my return - waited until the last minute because I owe them - a lot too.


Mo Johnson said...

nice article, thanks Justin. Good to see the Vols seem to be putting together a nice offense. I had sort of thought that losing Ainge, we'd be looking at a down year in '08. But, maybe not. Your post got my orange blood pumping a bit.

thanks again.


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