Saturday, March 15, 2008

Tough Loss for Vols, 92-91

The game's ending left Vol fans stunned. Many, probably shouting obscenities. Maybe, some close to the words that came from John Pelphrey, who's lips clearly read "Shut the F**k up!" while talking to Tennessee's Jajuan Smith. But, aside from that confrontation, there was a game being played, and a darn good one too. The two teams fought back and forth, exchanging leads and tying it up. It was the type of game you hated to see someone lose in, but the team that played less defense would lose it in the end. The Vols did just that, as they Steven Hill hit a turnaround jumper with 5.3 seconds left to carry the Razorbacks to victory. Lofton couldn't come through with the magic tonight, as his last second shot couldn't fall. The game left a bitter taste in the mouth of Vol fans, knowing the chances for a one seed come tournament time are dwindling. They just couldn't pull this one out, despite great play from their major three scorers: Lofton scored 25 points, hitting 5-of-9 from 3-point range , Tyler Smith had 24 points, and JaJuan Smith finished with a pleasant 18. ESPN decided to point out the blatantly obvious in their postgame article which stated : "The Vols felt that winning the conference tournament would surely make them a lock for a top seed, but now they'll have to wait until Sunday evening to see how high they're placed." We'll have to tune in tomorrow to see our NCAA Tournament seeding, but I think we still have a shot at a one seed. We'll let you know tomorrow, and hopefully get a By The Numbers preview from lll Adidas for the tournament.

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