Friday, March 21, 2008

Prince Will Run the Show

Bruce Pearl shook up the rotation in the win Friday against American. Jordan Howell got the start, but went 0-2 from the field shooting. Ramar sat the first half, after what was declared a "coach's decision". It appears evident now, that that is indeed what it was. After poor point guard play as of late, Bruce decided it was time for change. Bruce put JP Prince in for most of the game, and is committed to sticking with him for the rest of the tournament. “I gave Jordan one last shot,’’ Pearl said. “But we have played J.P. at the point before. We did it in the preseason and again after Vanderbilt. I didn’t stay with it. Now, I’m going to stay with it." Pearl went on to talk about JP's play against Arksans: “I looked at J.P. only playing 10 minutes, and I’m going, ‘I gotta do something,’ ’’ Pearl said. “I just don’t think Jordan and Ramar were playing well enough to win a championship.’ If this decision doesn’t work, so be it.” The decision seems to be accepted, as Ramar said: “Today, me not playing the first half was coach’s decision. The whole world knows I haven’t been playing to my ability.’’ It's no secret Jordan Howell has been off, shooting an astounding 4 of 40 recently. This could be just the thing to ignite the Vols or it could do just the opposite and send the Vols into freefall. I think Pearl realized what it would take to beat Butler, and a point guard is just what we need. I'll trust the guy, because all of his past decisions seemed to work for him. He also has one more national title than I do.

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