Saturday, February 23, 2008

Tennessee vs. Memphis Preview: By The Numbers

A friend of UT Vols Football, posts at Volnation by the username of lll Adidas. He was nice enough to break the big game down for us number by number. Thanks to him for this clever and interesting breakdown.

By the Numbers

0 - Number of National Championships UT-Memphis have between them
1 - Memphis (UT is 1 win away from being ranked #1)
2 - UT (highest ranking ever achieved by UT) ( UT has 2 game lead in the SEC with 4 to play)
(2, number of times Memphis has been ranked #1 in school history)
UT has beat a #1 ranked team 2 times (Kentucky 1966, South Carolina 1969)
4 - Number of times #2 has beat #1 in intra-state matchups
5 - Number of times intra-state rivals have met ranked #1 and #2,
Number Chris Lofton is ranked on the Div.1 all time 3 pt. list
6 - The Vols have won 6 of last 8 games against Memphis including Last season's 76-58 Win.
6 different players have led the Vols in scoring this season. Lofton is 6th on UT's all time scoring list.
7.7 -Number of 3pt FG per Game (Memphis)
8.5 - Memphis number of Steals per game
9 - Memphis has 9 players averaging at least 14.1 minutes
9.4 - Number of 3pt FG per Game (UT)
10.3 - UT Number of Steals per Game
12 - UT has 12 players averaging 10.6 minutes or more
18 - Number of times UT has played Memphis (UT leads the series 11-7)
23 - Since 1939, 23 major college teams have been undefeated before the start of postseason play, 7 wound up as unbeaten national champs.
24 - Number of Wins UT has this season
26 - Number of Wins Memphis has this season
30 - UT's active home game winning streak
38 - Number of times #1 has met #2
41 - Number of Years it has been since the Vols won the SEC title outright
47 - Home court win streak for Memphis
53 - Number of Times Lofton has shot at least 4 3pt FG in a game
56 - Number of 3 pt shots Lofton needs to be all time Div. 1 3pt FG leader
58.3 - Memphis FT %
64.1 - UT FT %
80 - Memphis avg. scoring per game
82 - Last time the Vols BB was ranked higher than the Lady Vols (1982)
83 - Vols avg. scoring per game104 - Number of pts UT hung on the Gators this year
387 - Number of Coaching Career Wins for Bruce Pearl
400 - Number of miles between Memphis and Knoxville ( 400 number of career wins for Calipari)
402 - Number of 3pt shots Lofton has in his career
10000 - Highest Price per ticket (courtside seat) as listed on Stub Hub
18400 - Number of seats in Fed-Ex Forum


southernintherockies said...

Great Game!! Go Vols!

tdisme said...

whooooa where's all the trash talkers in mphs now hahahahah. they talk about not getting any respect, memphians talked so much trash this week, that the bb gods couldn't let it go lolhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

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