Wednesday, February 20, 2008

ATTENTION: Vols Have A Game Tonight!

It's #1 vs. #2 and they are both from the Volunteer State.

"I can't wait, what's that? You mean there is a game tonight? Against who? What channel?"
That's correct Vol fans, the #2 team in the nation takes on Auburn tonight! No television crews will be at this one.
"It's going to be a blowout right? Come on, the Tigers come into TBA with a 13-10 record. The Vols will handle this easily."
This we can only hope for. I do remember last year though. I do remember the Vols with the lead down the stretch and giving it to the Auburn Tigers. Just handing them the win. I also believe that Mr. Pearl remembers watching that game. I believe, coach will have them ready for tonight so that this year, by halftime the lead will be so great that they won't even have a chance at a comeback. Then, I believe the Vols will travel on down to Memphis for Saturday's game and either Saturday night or Sunday morning march back to Knoxville with the win and the soon to be #1 ranking. But, let's tune into tonight's game, or shall I say let's use the UTSPORTS Live stats for tonight's game and listen to our Vols as they extend that record to 24-2.
Go get 'em Bruce!

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