Saturday, January 12, 2008

Thoughts about recent hires?

Here at UT Vols Football we would like to hear your thoughts on the recent hires of Stan Drayton, David Clawson, and Latrell Scott.

Whether you agree or disagree, we want to know the feelings of Vol fans everywhere.

So either leave it in the comments or email and you will be featured in a post sometime in the near future.


Mushy said...

I'm no expert, just a 40 year fan of the VOLS who likes to win.

I have watched the Fulmer regime since the beginning, and for the most part it has done a great job.

However, beginning with the two years prior to the National Championship, they have attempted to keep up with changes in college football techniques, but they seem to come to change too late. Like the last year we played Nebraska and those big corn huskers stomped them into the field.

Over the next couple of seasons Fulmer beefed up the line and the team as a whole, but by then teams were slimming down for speed, and like in this season's first game with California, the skinny little guys run up their backs.

I suppose I would like to see any change in the team and in the coaching staff, as long as we keep up with change in a timely manner, keep an open mind, go for the kill, and become innovative. If that means Fulmer be it.

Anonymous said...

More arrests? More drugs? At what point does Fulmer have to start showing some responsibility for running one of the dirtiest programs in major college football?

Sports Fan said...

What does an arrest have to do with the recent hires?

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