Thursday, November 15, 2007

UT-Dores......Alot to gain/lose.

This week has always been special to me for a couple of reason's, the main being that I was born and raised right outside of Nashville TN, I always seemed to get hounded by Vanderbilt fans. (Yes they do have fans) whenever I would wear my Orange. But, as always I got the last laugh as my beloved Vols went out and dismantled the bottom tier Commodores. In 2005 however that was far from the case, UT was finishing out a terrible terrible season and Vanderbilt came into Knoxville and beat the Volunteers to eliminate the chance of a post-season bowl game, and cap off a season that we all wish we could forget.

2007 has been a rollercoaster of a ride for SEC fans, especially Volunteers, imagine telling a Big Orange fan that UT would be in the position to win the East, but they will lose by 39 to the Gators and 24 to Alabama. They would laugh in your face, then probably sull up and cry (at least that's what I know I would do) but, that is exatly the case this year. TN has been destroyed in it's three losses this year to CAL, UF, and UA but these were all away from the friendly confines of Knoxville. In the past 4 weeks UT has arrived from the dead on Defense and is stopping everyone that attempts to takeover the Hill.

In comes Vandy. Vanderbilt is facing the tail-end of what many in the Nashville area hoped to be a special season. Vandy has not been to a bowl game in over twenty years, but they still have the chance this year to achieve that goal. First they have to come into Knoxville and knock off the Vols and ruin a Senior Day game, A SECE championship game appearance and a undefeated home schedule all in one game! The odds are against the dores, but they have the talent to takeover the hill if given the oppurtunity, Earl Bennet is going to be a big-time player on Sundays as a WR. Johnathon Goff will also have many scouts drooling for his hustle, attitude, leadership and ability to make the big play. These are not the only two players to consider, but just two that UT must account for at all times. In order for the Vols to win this game they need to come out and score early, last 4 games UT has outscored there opponents 91-3 in the first half. Vandy is the type of team if you hit them in the mouth early they will go away, but if given the oppurtunity to hang around, they will jump up and bite you. This in-state battle has alot to gain for both squads, but at the same time it has alot to lose as well!

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