Friday, November 30, 2007

The Road to the Championship: A Story That Almost Wasn't

There's no doubt it's been a crazy year in Knoxville. But it also has been a great one. From stories of Fulmer seeing his last days on the hill to him getting a raise/extension, what a year!
But, as you look back on this season, many think LSU was "America's Destined Team", from last minute touchdowns and everything in between, but it's the team they will be playing that may just get that label.

Take a look at this:

We start at the South Carolina game. Week 8, the Vols are 4-3 and still amazingly have a shot at getting to the SEC Championship Game although highly doubtful. With Tennesse down 24-21, Arian Foster fumbled on what seemed to be the end the game. But, amazingly backup lineman Jacques McClendon to keep the drive alive. The Vols then went on to set up a 43 yard field goal try. Daniel Lincoln set up for it and was way wide left, but a false start sends it back 5 yards and another chance. Lincoln sinks it from 48 and the game is going to overtime. The Vols get the ball forst and can only get a field goal. Which is all they would need as South Carolina kicker Ryan Succop missed his field goal attempt. If that right there doesn't sound like a team destined let's look at the Vandy game. The Vols down 24-9 going into the fourth quarter are able to get 16 points and take a 25-24 point lead. As time is running out Vandy kicker Bryant Hahnfeldt misses his field goal to win it and the Vols are still alive. No, still don't believe me. Let's take a look at last weekend. The Vols surrender an early lead and Kentucky has a chance to beat Tennessee and send Georgia to the SEC Championship Game. The Wildcats can't get the touchdown in regular time to win so kick the tying field goal with 1 second left. Going to the second overtime where Erik Ainge throws a pick and all Kentucky has to do is kick the Field Goal to win. But, big Dan Williams gets his arm up and blocks the kick to send it to a third and eventual fourth overtime. The Vols then pulled it out after Antonio Reynolds was able to keep Andre Woodson from scoring the two point conversion. So a team of destiny or a team that found a way to win it when it mattered? That's your own opinion but I'm tired of listening to the Georgia really deserves to be there. No they don't does 35-14 have any relevance. The teams that are "supposed" to be there are there and the one I'll be cheering for on Saturday will be the one in the orange and white who hopefully once again are able to "find a way to win."

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