Thursday, November 1, 2007

Dawgystyle: Winning The East, Losing The Coach?

Sorry it took so long to get this posted. The Dawgs had a busy weekend. Maybe you heard. And hey, if you want to take potshots at me for the celebration, I won’t be baited. Simply put, I LOVE the idea that the entire team rushed the field for unity. I HATED the taunting and the dancing. Nuff said.
What you REALLY want to talk about is how the Vols control their own destiny in the East. Does no one want to win this division? Truth is, there’s no easy road for anyone. The Vols must beat Arky, Kentucky and Vandy. Georgia would need to beat Auburn and Kentucky and hope for a Vol loss. Everyone else has to hope for a lot more. But let’s just say for argument’s sake that the Vols win out and take the East crown.
Does this change your opinion about Phil Fulmer? I’ve talked to a few people who have said regardless of what happens, Chavis must go. And that point may have been driven home on Saturday. Some people took offense that Fulmer was a little too gleeful after escaping with a win against the Gamecocks after blowing a three touchdown lead. I have to be honest in that every coach in the SEC knows one thing – wins are not a given anymore. Not against any team. So I give him a pass for not being gloomy and taking a “damn-we-almost-lost” attitude in the post game interviews.
But I’m sure most of you are concerned about the second half. I would be, too. But really, isn’t this the year of the “our defense is really young” statement in the SEC? If Cutcliffe keeps attacking, UT will be in a better position to win a shoot out (I would think).
And uh, I don’t mean to complain, but, uh, the timing of Coker’s suspension seems suspect. I began hearing about his failed drug test LAST week.

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VolfanMike said...

Chavis,and Slade have to go regardless of what happens....Do I think winning the east will have an imapact of Phil Fulmer, well sure I do....But, either way unless he wants to retire I dont see Mike Hamilton pulling the plug on him....As for the Coker thing, it is not official if he failed a drug test or not, results wont be back in till Friday...But, if you want my opinion I think Phil needs to cut his ass, cant keep giving that thug chance after chance...Thats just my rant....

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