Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Dawgystyle - The Scenario

By now, you’ve no doubt heard the following possibility laid out by Georgia fans. Georgia wins out, ends up 10-2. The Vols win out and punch their ticket to Atlanta for the SEC Championship. LSU destroys Tennessee in that game, sending the Tigers to the National Championship game. Tennessee, now at 9-4, becomes an unattractive candidate for an at-large bid for the Sugar Bowl – so Georgia is taken instead.

Anybody really believe that’s what Georgia fans want?

Yeah, me neither. However, with fate out of our hands, we can only sit back and hope that your Vols will falter against Vandy or Kentucky. I would say that history is on your side, but history has meant very little this year in college football. But I must be honest in that I felt like Arkansas would be the best chance for UT to lose one more and we saw how that worked out. So I understand where the thinking of some Dawg fans comes from. Kind of win/win if we’re victorious in our final two games.

But…………….what if UT actually beats LSU? To quote that lady on ‘Southpark’, Wha-wha-WHAAAAAT? Don’t tell me every Vol fan has forgotten about 2001. Not that it matters, but the roles were reversed and many Vol fans have told me they haven’t recovered from that SECCG loss to LSU. And it’s not like it’s inconceivable, right? Year in and year out, college football fans say that anything could happen on Saturdays in the fall. But this year THAT’S ACTUALLY BEEN TRUE. LSU is not exactly invincible, anyway. They have a ton of talent, but how many things have gone exactly their way? Plus you add in all this Miles to Michigan talk and you have an instant distraction.

So, if I’m not going to buy a ticket to Atlanta just yet, I’m certainly not going to make plans for the Sugar Bowl. And if I were LSU, I wouldn’t make plans for anything either. If I were the Vols, however, I would start doing whatever it takes to get motivated

Sorry, endzone celebrations and black jerseys have already been done.

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