Thursday, November 22, 2007

Dawgystyle: Do or Die

As I do most Thanksgiving holidays, I brought the wife and kids down to my old stomping ground - Atlanta. With me are my UGA grad brother Andy and UT grad brother Paul. Lucky for me, Paul doesn't give a crap about football. But after explaining why I'm pulling for Kentucky, he's more determined than ever that he should watch the game.

I have to be honest. Even though I'm a realist, when it comes to football- deep down I'm an optimist. After our drubbing at the hands of the Vols, I was just HOPING that we could rebound enough for a bowl game. I mean, we were completely outplayed by you guys and at the time, it looked like we were exposed (like last year). But of course, I hoped that we could win every game after that. And as it turns out, that still may not be enough to win the East. And to be honest, it shouldn't. No one will admit that Tennessee turned it around, too. Do I still think Kentucky will be a tough test? Yes, but like I said before, I thought it would be Arkansas that had the best chance to beat you. I'm happy either way, really. A pretty decent New Year's Day bowl probably awaits us.

And we don't have to face Eric Ainge ever again.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. And if you hear that guy cheering for the Wildcats who sounds like he doesn't mean it, it's probably me............

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