Monday, October 29, 2007

Vols Get OT Win

It started off great for the Vols. The first half reminded us all of the Georgia game. Fans sat comfortably on the sofa, drink in hand, no worries. But the second half, completely different. After a 21-0 halftime lead, it went down for the Vols. South Carolina bounced back with three touchdowns of their own, as Ainge struggled. So here we stood or even some sat, laid, or crouched. Watching that unpredictable Vol defense surrender of 21 point lead. The offense went no where and the South Carolina offense took us to the woodshed. All tied up at 21 when suddenly, Vol fans dropped to the floor. South Carolina took a three point lead late in the fourth quarter. Now Vol fans were thinking about last years Florida game. But, Ainge showed he can handle a little pressure, leading the Vols down to about the 25. Freshman kicker, Daniel Lincoln, came out on the field, with just two misses in his career (one already that night). The snap back, kick up, NO GOOD! But wait, we watch the lead official come to the screen and show one thing the Vols haven't done much of this year. A penalty, the ball moved back five yards, and the field goal was at an unofficial 47 yards. Just one shy of his record long. Lincoln lined up, and kicked the ball, right through the goalposts, IT'S GOOD! The Vols tied it up. Off to overtime we go. The Gamecocks won the toss and elected to play defense. Tennessee came out got a first down. Moved it a little more, but could n't get it into the endzone. having to settle for three. Now it was the defense's time to come up in the clutch. With already a goal line stand, the defense came back onto the field, playing to hold them to three. On the first play, quarterback Blake Mitchell fumbled around with the snap before getting it off to a wideout who went no where. The Vols held and the Gamecocks were looking at about a 40 yarder. With one of the best kickers in the land, Gamecock fans had to be pretty confident that this would head to a second overtime. That is until they saw the kick. It never had a chance, way off and Vols win 27-24! They now are 1/2 game back in the east. Who would have thought?

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