Sunday, October 7, 2007

Vols First Half Dominance Help Them Beat Georgia

This Saturday was named "Gut-Check Saturday" as it featured great college football games. But, possibly the biggest gut-check coming into the game was on Tennessee head coach Phillip Fulmer. (Insert the Joke ALTHOUGH not needed) His 2-2 start left Vol fans anything but happy. They were calling for change and saying things like the game "passed him by." He proved today that he can still do some coaching. The Vols started off great holding Georgia to just 2 yards before they had to punt in the first series. The Vols pushed and scored going up 7-0 on an Arian Foster run. Then, the Vols came out and early in the second half ran something many Vol fans have not seen in a long time. A trick play, as reciever Lucas Taylor threw deep to Lamarcus Coker which ended up being a 56 yard touchdown, 14-0. That was not it for the Vols, who just five minutes later into the game, Hardesty ran for a 10 yard touchdown, 21-0. As Lee Corso would say "NOT SO FAST MY FRIEND" the Vols were not done yet. Arian Foster ran again for a 22-yard touchdown, and we went into halftime with all Vol fans feeling on top of the earth, 28-0. Although fans were happy, they knew the defense was going to at one time give up a drive to give points. Not a poke at our defense, they played great today, but seeing games throughout the year thus far, as in the Florida game, we give up points. Thats just what happened early into the second half when Stafford threw to Demiko Goodman for 26 yards and an amazing touchdown catch, 28-7. Vol fans not scared but wanted to answer. That is what happened as they sustained a 7 minute, 65 yard touchdown drive. Arian Foster scored his third on the day and the Vols looked to have put it out of reach on this one, 35-7. The Bulldogs scored a what was a meaningless touchdown after a bad pass interference call, which came after an interception, which made the game 35-14. That eventually became the final as the Vols closed it out. Also, we saw Florida go down which makes all Vol fans ecstatic. This puts the Vols in the race for the East.

My Game Balls:


  • Entire Defense- held the Bulldogs to just 69 rushing yards and a turnover


  • Arian Foster- Rushed for 91 yards on 16 carries, 3 TD's, and one catch for 11 yards

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