Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Ship is Sinking

Vol fans are wild.
Not happy with the direction of the program, man they are living! Those that think that they don't have a reason to, are crazy. They don't like seeing this, what has happened to the good days. When Al Wilson dominated the middle and Peyton Manning took it to everyone (except Florida). Now, we are sinking. We are going down very slowly. That might be the one good thing coming from this disaster. It's that it is happening slowly and we have time to call for help. But fans have begun to jump ship and I know it won't be long until water will get very high. So here is our SOS, our call for help. Mike Hamilton take a serious look at the program. Take a seriously look at what your football team has done this year. Other than an impressive Georgia win what else is there? There is nothing. Four wins that were "cupcakes" for the Vols. We are sinking Mike. The basketVols are raising up. That is a whole new ship. They are picked to win the SEC this year, and are led by one of those "greats" in Chris Lofton. I'm calling for change, before we hit the ocean floor and become like Vandy and Ole Miss and are hoping for a bowl game. Change can be good. Let's go get a new head coach, sorry Phil, you've been great but we need something new. It's time we call on someone "different" to change us up. Get us back to being SEC favorites and being led by greats. No more "we'll be good next year" I want to be good this year. I know for certain if the Vols lay another egg this Saturday against the Gamecocks the ship will be way down. This is our final cry for help. A loss Saturday and don't expect to see your boat of 100,000 plus full any more. No sir Mr. Hamilton it will be in shambles. Here's to hoping we don't have to see this ship get below the water before it is pulled out.

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John F. said...

Nice read there Sports Fan.
That SOS is play on isnt it?

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