Monday, October 8, 2007

Seeing Double

Georgia is in the SEC East. They are a team the Vols play every year. But isn't it funny that they were not even ready for this pass to Lamarcus Coker from a player named Lucas Taylor. Reading this you are probably thinking, so what, they got them because they sure got me. Well we won't let them off the hook that easy. Vol fans if you still have the Florida game from last year in your memory, look back at one play. If not, that play is in the video below. While sitting at this computer going over Tennessee plays from last year, I found something. Something Georgia didn't. I found a video of the Lucas Taylor to Lamarcus Coker touchdown. That would be the one on bottom. But also, the one on the top. Coincidence? I think so. By the third game last year, Lamarcus Coker had seen playing time and seemed like he was at "game speed" for the college level. This year, a one game suspension and not much playing time early. In week six, Coker was where he was in Week 3 in 06. Isn't it fitting that the Vols ran this play both times Lamarcus Coker was "settled in."



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