Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Dawgystyle: Why I Hate The Tennessee Vols

Disclaimer: This is not a ‘kicking someone when they’re down’ column. This is genuine frustration borne out of watching a team that I have described as “Jeckyl and Hyde” before and the wrong one keeps showing up at dinner parties.

The Vols. They just piss me off. Look, I’m over our loss to you guys. It was a sheer butt-whoopin that exposed some problems previously unseen. So, thank you. No, really, thanks for making us fix what needed to be fixed (lack of desire, heart) just in time to beat Vanderbilt. I don’t care that Georgia gets UT’s best game year in and year out. It should be that way. But to go lay an egg in Tuscaloosa? Onsides kick to start the game? No points in the second half? COME ON!!!!! The pride of the SEC East was on the line, here!
Yeah, I know it’s easy to complain when my lame team wasn’t playing, but geez. I should be happy because between the Vols loss and South Carolina’s loss, the Dawgs are back in the hunt. However, if I felt really good about beating Florida, Auburn and Kentucky, it would be different – that’s a tall order.
Back to the Vols. Maybe the team decided that Chavis or Fulmer needed to go and gave up. Maybe Saban really is a genius and he figured out the “beat UT” blue print, even though he was missing five players (suspended for selling coloring books or something). Maybe Terry Grant really is better than Knowshon Moreno. I don’t know, but I’m tired of counting on UT to win games they are supposed to.
No more secretly rooting for UT against Florida, or Auburn, or even SOUTH FREAKIN CAROLINA!!! No more “props” to Phil Fulmer for longetivity. No more pulling for the Vols in a bowl game. No wait. I still have to do that, no matter how bad it hurts.
But otherwise, I’m DONE with the Orange Army.

Yeah, I feel better now. Ignore all that above.


Sick Vol said...

Don't we all right about now

Anonymous said...

After that Kentucky game, it's official. Tennessee is the luckiest football team ever! Fulmer has sold his soul to the devil and will have to pay up soon.

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