Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Dawgystyle – UT/UGA…..It’s ON!!!

First things first. If you’re a gambling man, then don’t bet on this game. Even if I did bet, I would never bet on UT. EVER. Jeckyl and Hyde, they are. But this one in particular has “unpredictable” written all over it. Let’s look at the facts:

1. UT is at a point where they need to salvage a season. Or so the fans say. There’s three more potential losses after this game (Bama, Carolina, Kentucky), but you guys ain’t gonna lose ‘em all.

2. Georgia also is at a crossroads. If you pencil in a Florida loss (and really at this point, why wouldn’t you?), an Auburn loss (because it’s in Sanford, that’s why) and Kentucky, then this game is needed more than ever.

3. Ainge vs the UGA secondary. Yikes. We lost bookworm Paul Oliver and super midget Tra Battle last year and Erik the Orange (who leads the SEC in passing) threw for 269 yards WITH them. Granted our young secondary is learning, but not that fast.

4. UGA RB’s vs UT Rushing defense. Vols are giving up 188 yards per game on the ground. And you haven’t played Arkansas yet. Thomas Brown and Knowshon Moreno will probably get a few yards.

5. UT and UGA are #1 and #3 in penalties, respectively. It should be a very disciplined game. Unlike a Gator football game.

6. Lots more boring statistics, but the one that stood out at me was sacks allowed. Vols have allowed two to the Dawgs’ eight. Oh, and how the hell did Vandy jump us in total defense?

So whoopty-doo, what does it all MEAN, Basil? I have no idea. I don’t buy into the whole “we own Neyland in the new millennium” thing, that will end one day. But I don’t believe either in the “let down” thing for Georgia. You see, that happened once before, in 2004 in Athens (right after we demolished LSU). If Coach Richt were ever going to raise his voice, it will be to remind the Dawgs of what can happen. Tennessee has had a chance to rest a little more, and that scares me. But no matter what happens on Saturday, I don’t think anyone’s gonna be shocked.


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BulldogBry said...

Obviously, you were wrong. I'll address this massacre on Monday.

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Well were waiting... :)

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