Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Dawgystyle: The Thing is ……….

We were in a lose/lose situation from the get go. I’m not making excuses for the way the Dawgs played or the way our coaching staff looked like Andrew Dice Clay in a chess match, because there are no excuses. I’m simply saying that the UT/UGA game was a lose/ lose situation for us.
I started getting this feeling early in the day as I began reading message boards. Every comment I read expected Georgia to roll. Even Tennessee fans acknowledged that they would like to just stay in the game. So what that tells me is that, even if Georgia had won, no one would have respected the win. UT fans would have been, as planned, clamoring for Phil Fulmer to step down. And by chance, if Georgia lost, OH MY GOD, YOU GUYS MUST REALLY SUCK, YOU LOST TO THE VOLS!!!. Now, do I think players buy into that? Do I think they felt as helpless as I did at 1:30pm on Saturday? No. And really, let’s give credit to Chavis and Cutcliffe, because they had masterful plans. Phil Fulmer had every single player ready to play and more.
Georgia forgot that this is the SEC and anything can happen. Odd, considering after the 51-33 beat down last year in Athens, and the subsequent lapses against Mississippi State and Vanderbilt, they should have KNOWN that each team in this league can bring it every week.
If there is silver lining, it is that this might be the slap in the face that is needed. Again.
As for the Vols, you can only hope that there will be no let down. Mississippi State, Bama, South Carolina – all beatable teams. Also, all potential losses. Bring that same team you brought Saturday and the Vols could be 6-2 heading into November. Admit it, thinking back to how you felt the evening of September 15th you would be ecstatic to be 6-2.

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