Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Dawgystyle – Bama Week

I don’t remember where I saw it, but Phil Fulmer’s November record is as good as Frank Beamer’s is bad. Much of that has to do with UT’s schedule finishing up with Kentucky and Vanderbilt. November wins may have to be earned this year. The Wildcats look meaner and meaner every week. And don’t think Houston Nutt doesn’t know his back is against the wall.

But, first…… the rest of October.

No one’s looking past this weekend. Possibly the biggest weekend of the year coming up, depending on how old a fan you are (you young whippersnappers probably think Florida is your number one rival – WRONG!). The Third Saturday in October brings out the best (and worst) in fans. As if the Bama/UT rivalry needed any more fuel, Nick Saban has been added to the mix. What is it about this man that makes you want to vomit? I mean, I thought I hated Steve Spurrier, but Saban is really making a case for public enemy number one.
A quick look from what I remember about the Crimson Tide. John Parker Wilson has not really lived up to the preseason hype that, uh, Bama fans gave him. His numbers put him somewhere between the middle to the bottom of the SEC QB’s. But the Tide is actually ranked 2nd in first downs. How the hell does that happen? Terry Grant had a fast start, but hasn’t exactly been setting the gridiron on fire. And I really would have thought that DJ Hall would have made more of a name for himself by now. Well, Bama is 2nd in the conference in turnover margin at +6 (LSU is at a ridonculous +13, so throw them out). The Vols MUST protect the ball. It would seem that Tennessee has to pull away to win this game, because anything close may come down to a "Saban" call. But in reality, I just don’t think that Bama can hang with UT for four quarters.

UT is just on an upswing, which is good since South Carolina waits in the wings. Don’t kid yourselves. These are not your daddy’s Gamecocks.


George M said...

Big week.
Another good write BulldogBry

BulldogBry said...


If you go to the game, watch out for flying ice........

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