Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Don't Sleep on the Cajuns!

In this wild and crazy season where it seems, If it can happen...It will happen! Anything is possible and this Saturday's Homecoming game is far away from a gimme for the Big Orange.
Tennessee is a 30.5 favorite on Monday morning's line, but as any true Vol fan knows we rarely cover a spread when it is of this margain. Tennessee suffered some major setbacks in the overtime thriller (or letdown) however you want to look at it. But either way we are left without a force on the offensive line (Eric Young) and yet another blow to an already depleted secondary in Marsalous Johnson. The Vols will more than likely play Jacques McClendon in place of Eric Young and rely on with Deangelo Willingham to fill the void in the secondary.

The planets are once again trying to allign theirselves for the Vols to take home the SEC Eastern division crown but, how will the Vols respond this time. We have (controlled our own destiny) before this season and I for one am still having nightmares of that horrific third Saturday in October where Saban did everything but toss a kitchen sink at us. Although we will not be playing Alabama Saturday evening, the Vols will still be matching up against a talented Rajun Canjun team that will be looking to pull the upset of their lives by coming to Neyland and ruining a Homecoming game for the Vols. Here's to hoping that Vols come out storming this weekend in route to a big win for the Seniors and to put this team in the right direction for an SECCG showdown in Atlanta.

Good luck Vols!!! Don't sleep on the Cajuns!

Phil Wants Ragin Cajuns

Monday, October 29, 2007

Vols Get OT Win

It started off great for the Vols. The first half reminded us all of the Georgia game. Fans sat comfortably on the sofa, drink in hand, no worries. But the second half, completely different. After a 21-0 halftime lead, it went down for the Vols. South Carolina bounced back with three touchdowns of their own, as Ainge struggled. So here we stood or even some sat, laid, or crouched. Watching that unpredictable Vol defense surrender of 21 point lead. The offense went no where and the South Carolina offense took us to the woodshed. All tied up at 21 when suddenly, Vol fans dropped to the floor. South Carolina took a three point lead late in the fourth quarter. Now Vol fans were thinking about last years Florida game. But, Ainge showed he can handle a little pressure, leading the Vols down to about the 25. Freshman kicker, Daniel Lincoln, came out on the field, with just two misses in his career (one already that night). The snap back, kick up, NO GOOD! But wait, we watch the lead official come to the screen and show one thing the Vols haven't done much of this year. A penalty, the ball moved back five yards, and the field goal was at an unofficial 47 yards. Just one shy of his record long. Lincoln lined up, and kicked the ball, right through the goalposts, IT'S GOOD! The Vols tied it up. Off to overtime we go. The Gamecocks won the toss and elected to play defense. Tennessee came out got a first down. Moved it a little more, but could n't get it into the endzone. having to settle for three. Now it was the defense's time to come up in the clutch. With already a goal line stand, the defense came back onto the field, playing to hold them to three. On the first play, quarterback Blake Mitchell fumbled around with the snap before getting it off to a wideout who went no where. The Vols held and the Gamecocks were looking at about a 40 yarder. With one of the best kickers in the land, Gamecock fans had to be pretty confident that this would head to a second overtime. That is until they saw the kick. It never had a chance, way off and Vols win 27-24! They now are 1/2 game back in the east. Who would have thought?

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Trouble? Turn to A Lincoln

Daniel Lincoln's game winning FG proves when in trouble, turn to a Lincoln.
Eyes closed game winner. NICE!
More Tomorrow.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

SEC Picks Week 8

Mississippi State at (14) Kentucky-12:30 PM - Lincoln Financial
Florida International at Arkansas-2:00 PM
Miami (OH) at Vanderbilt-2:00 PM
(11) Florida at (18) Georgia-3:30 PM - CBS
Mississippi at (22) Auburn-6:00 PM - ESPN Gameplan
(16) South Carolina at Tennessee-7:45 PM - ESPN





Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Ship is Sinking

Vol fans are wild.
Not happy with the direction of the program, man they are living! Those that think that they don't have a reason to, are crazy. They don't like seeing this, what has happened to the good days. When Al Wilson dominated the middle and Peyton Manning took it to everyone (except Florida). Now, we are sinking. We are going down very slowly. That might be the one good thing coming from this disaster. It's that it is happening slowly and we have time to call for help. But fans have begun to jump ship and I know it won't be long until water will get very high. So here is our SOS, our call for help. Mike Hamilton take a serious look at the program. Take a seriously look at what your football team has done this year. Other than an impressive Georgia win what else is there? There is nothing. Four wins that were "cupcakes" for the Vols. We are sinking Mike. The basketVols are raising up. That is a whole new ship. They are picked to win the SEC this year, and are led by one of those "greats" in Chris Lofton. I'm calling for change, before we hit the ocean floor and become like Vandy and Ole Miss and are hoping for a bowl game. Change can be good. Let's go get a new head coach, sorry Phil, you've been great but we need something new. It's time we call on someone "different" to change us up. Get us back to being SEC favorites and being led by greats. No more "we'll be good next year" I want to be good this year. I know for certain if the Vols lay another egg this Saturday against the Gamecocks the ship will be way down. This is our final cry for help. A loss Saturday and don't expect to see your boat of 100,000 plus full any more. No sir Mr. Hamilton it will be in shambles. Here's to hoping we don't have to see this ship get below the water before it is pulled out.

Dear Fulmer

Dear Fulmer,
This week please have your team ready to play.

Dear Fulmer,
This week please remember the names Arian Foster and Montario Hardesty.

Dear Fulmer,
This week please refrian from the "Work like heck" line. (It will be hard)

Dear Fulmer,
This week please be fired up like you were against Georgia.

Dear Fulmer,
This week please have your team play defense.

Dear Fulmer,
This week please beat the Gamecocks.


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Dawgystyle: Why I Hate The Tennessee Vols

Disclaimer: This is not a ‘kicking someone when they’re down’ column. This is genuine frustration borne out of watching a team that I have described as “Jeckyl and Hyde” before and the wrong one keeps showing up at dinner parties.

The Vols. They just piss me off. Look, I’m over our loss to you guys. It was a sheer butt-whoopin that exposed some problems previously unseen. So, thank you. No, really, thanks for making us fix what needed to be fixed (lack of desire, heart) just in time to beat Vanderbilt. I don’t care that Georgia gets UT’s best game year in and year out. It should be that way. But to go lay an egg in Tuscaloosa? Onsides kick to start the game? No points in the second half? COME ON!!!!! The pride of the SEC East was on the line, here!
Yeah, I know it’s easy to complain when my lame team wasn’t playing, but geez. I should be happy because between the Vols loss and South Carolina’s loss, the Dawgs are back in the hunt. However, if I felt really good about beating Florida, Auburn and Kentucky, it would be different – that’s a tall order.
Back to the Vols. Maybe the team decided that Chavis or Fulmer needed to go and gave up. Maybe Saban really is a genius and he figured out the “beat UT” blue print, even though he was missing five players (suspended for selling coloring books or something). Maybe Terry Grant really is better than Knowshon Moreno. I don’t know, but I’m tired of counting on UT to win games they are supposed to.
No more secretly rooting for UT against Florida, or Auburn, or even SOUTH FREAKIN CAROLINA!!! No more “props” to Phil Fulmer for longetivity. No more pulling for the Vols in a bowl game. No wait. I still have to do that, no matter how bad it hurts.
But otherwise, I’m DONE with the Orange Army.

Yeah, I feel better now. Ignore all that above.

Monday, October 22, 2007

MISSING: Montario Hardesty

The Vols number two runningback going into the Alabama game was Montario Hardesty. He had been beginning to see some serious action and steps to becoming a great duo with already Vol great Arian Foster. Saturday, he didn't even see the field. Fulmer said it was because he isn't very good at catching and they needed someone that could catch but what about the third down where freshman Lennon Creer was put in.

Anyway, Saturday's slaughtering resulted in a rare Sunday night practice/workout for the Vols. One that was without Montario Hardesty. Neither Fulmer nor his roomate know where Hardesty is. So the signs have gone up for Montario. More news as it breaks at utvolsfootball.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

What's Your Alabama Recap?

We supply the photos.
You supply the sayings via comments or email.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Phillip Fulmer in a Familar Place...

Phil welcome back to the...
Game Recap Tomorrow

Friday, October 19, 2007

Alabama vs. Tennessee Rivalry...National Respect?

All Alabama and Tennessee fans out there know what this Saturday is. It's about a relationship built on hate. These two teams can not stand eachother. This makes for the best rivalry in college football. But, also every Tide and Vol fan probably knows about a show called College Gameday. While no one really anticipated this game to be the feature game on the show, neither did they that Kentucky's football team would. The Tennessee vs. Alabama game is usually a contest on CBS. With a starting time of 3:30, it's the game of the day. Tomorrow's might not be the case. The game is on at 12:30 on Lincoln Financial Sports regionally. Which means this "morning" game will not be seen around the country.

As I was getting too earlier though, before my tirade, the show College Gameday. They will feature a short on Tennessee quarterback Erik Ainge and his senior leadership.

Things to Watch Saturday:

-Tennessee's Offensive Line

  • The Offensive Line for Tennessee has given up just 2 sacks all season.


  • Tennessee is also one of the least penalized team's in the nation. (1st in SEC)

-Passing and Running Game

  • In particular wide receiver Lucas Taylor and running backs Foster and Hardesty. (Also Senior QB Erik Ainge.

SEC Picks Week 8 Edition

We are changing it up on here from now on.
A new poster here TennesseeFan07 will join me for picks every week . If you would like to check out TennesseeFan07's first post follow this LINK.

12:30- Lincoln Financial Sports/ ESPN Gameplan/ ESPN 360
(21) Tennessee at Alabama
12:30- ESPN Gameplan/ESPN 360
Vanderbilt at (6) South Carolina
Arkansas at Mississippi
3:30- CBS
(15) Florida at (7) Kentucky
9:00- ESPN/ESPN 360
(17) Auburn at (4) LSU



Getting to the Game

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