Saturday, September 15, 2007

2nd Half Meltdown

It looked bad from the start for the Vols as Florida's Brandon James returned a punt 83 yards just under two minutes into the game. But, a light seemed to shine as Tennessee dominated the first half in a yards and play type of game. They went into half feeling pretty good about a 14-6 deficit. WHat came out of the locker room in that second half is still waiting to be found. The Gators poured on the points and Tennessee's defense was manhandled. Florida quarterback Tim Tebow made it look easy as he threw for two touchdowns as well as running for two more. All Coach Fulmer could say after the game was, "Certainly this wasn't the representation that we intended it to be down here."Which is pretty obvious. I don't think anyone went into the game thinking we would give up 59 points. Did we want to represent by having to send in Jonathon Crompton in the closing minutes so we would n't get our starter hurt becuase the game was so out of reach. Fulmer has started making a lot of excuses and he seems to be getting used to losing. That won't work in Tennessee. I hope we can turn this thing around and prevent another 2005 type season. As for John Chavis, he's gotta start feeling the heat coming through the seat as he lets a sophomore quarterback in his first SEC start take it to his defense. One that said before the game would hit Tim Tebow all day long, and we got some shots on him, but all day long did deffiniatly not happen. So we are left wondering what the season his in store for us. What in the past would be a cupcake game is now thought of as a game in Arkansas State. A lot has changed here at Tennessee and I'm just hoping that we can get back to the status we were once at. Here's to wishing we go undefeated the rest of the way.

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