Thursday, September 20, 2007

Smogy Smoke is Building On Rocky Top

There are problems on The Hill when it comes to Tennessee football. When the team's doing bad who are the first to go. Everyone just felt smart by answering the coaches. So as the Vols begin the season 1-2, the fans have turned on the coach. You can go over to and sense the hate with all the threads about rumors on a new head coach or getting rid of Fulmer. Heck, one poster has decided to call out Chavis and his terrible looking defense by sporting the avatar seen at the right. It's the way the season has started that has Vol fans scared. Fans see more than just flashes of 2005 in this team, they see worse. So much worse that fans think the Vols will drop games like Arkansas State who they play this Saturday. It's even begun to spread around the nation that Tennesse is not where they once were. Colin Cowhard said on ESPN radio this morning that a change is needed. That Phillip Fulmer is a average coach, who deserves to be at an average school like Ole Miss not Tennessee. He went on to say that Fulmer's success in the 90's was from two things. His teams were always more talented than the competition and the coaching in the SEC was average. Making an average coach like the other's in the conference, look better because of his players. Now the Vols aren't bringing in the same players. There's other places to go such as Florida, USC, or Texas just to name a few. Coaching wise, you have Urban Meyer, Mark Richt, Les Miles, Tommy Tuberville, Nick Saban, and Rich Brooks even. He also mentioned the 5-of last-7 bowl losses and a nonbowl season. There are problems on the Hill, problems that need to be dealt with, or you'll see Tennessee's status drop to average by the time Fulmer is gone.

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