Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Dawgystyle – UT vs Arky State

Painful as it is, let’s review last week. I said it would be a shoot out. I think it would have been, but somewhere along the way, David Cutcliffe forgot to show up. All I know is, I stepped outside to mow the lawn at about 3:50pm, came back an hour later and Tebow was making out with his roommate on the sideline.
I have perused the internet to find out what happened and everyone seems to have a different opinion. But one thing is clear. The Vols defense may be in trouble. Is Florida that good? Maybe, but it shouldn’t give up 59 points to anyone. To draw comparison, check the UT/UGA game from 2006. Even if UT was clearly the better team, Dawg fans know that giving up 51 points (especially at home) is inexcusable.
So Fulmer is staying the course and moving on.
I know less about Arkansas State than I do the Gators. But again, this game is not about the Indians. It’s about the Vols. How you respond to bad losses is the difference between a good season and a 2005-type season. It’s not only important to win this game (which should be relatively easy to do), but it’s important to improve on the things that went wrong. October’s schedule brings three top 25 teams, so now’s the time to get better.
Other games you should care about:
S. Carolina @ LSU– The Gamecocks will have to pull everything out of the bag to make this game even close. It will be THE film to watch when preparing to play them. Plus, we’ll get to see Blake Mitchell bent over a chair for the first time.
Georgia @ Bama – If the Tide beats Georgia on Saturday, they are a Seminole win away from greeting the Vols at 7-0. Sure, sure, it would be that much sweeter to hand them their first loss, but COME ON, HELP A BROTHA OUT!!!
Kentucky @ Arkansas – If you think your defense is bad, this game should make you feel better. And let’s face it. It’s only fun to watch Darren McFadden when he’s gashing someone else.

Notre Dame is 0-3. And Michigan is going to trade in their Lloyd Carr. For one with Les Miles.

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Les Miles is going to Michiigan?

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