Thursday, September 13, 2007

Dawgystyle - intro

Who doesn't love a Dawg? Seriously?

Ok, ok, don't answer, but it's important to get opinions from your SEC brethren. So here I am. Offering you another take on your Vols.
I have a different perspective on UT because I lived in Athens, TN for 8 years and then Johnson City for all 12 years of college. Ok it was five, but if you've been there, you understand. Athens, of course is a Devin Hester TD punt return from Knoxville. I absolutely LOVED East Tennessee. And I'm originally from Atlanta, so take from that what you will. In fact I was living in Tennessee the last time UGA won a national championship (pause to reflect on glory daze, I mean days).
It's fitting that my first post is this week, because of the UT/Florida game. Georgia fans may generally hate the Volunteers, but we hate Florida more. Why? Two out of seventeen - any more stupid questions?

I don't know what the general consensus is in Knoxvegas these days but Phil Fulmer is still a good coach. Please don't point out the 2005 season because everyone knows that was an aberration. This man puts the Vols in contention every year. Whether it's because HE is a genius or because he HIRES geniuses, he's getting the job done. All the while, someone is being groomed to take over years from now, only they just don't know it.
I have always said the Vols are the most Jeckyl & Hyde team in the nation. But this year's squad only has one problem - defining who they are. The answer will come Saturday.
A quick look at the stats provides quite a few positives. Erik Ainge has been just about spectacular, throwing for 547 yards, 5TD's and NO PICKS. And almost half of those came with FOUR FREAKING FINGERS. So much for the "who's Ainge going to throw to" argument from the off-season. Arian Foster is finally showing the consistency that he has shown flashes of before. It should be fairly easy for Ainge to figure out how to pick apart the new Gator defense (9 new starters?).
Defense? Well, this week the entire world will get to find out what Tim Tebow is made of. Gaines out? No problem. Eric Berry is there and ready. Will he make freshman mistakes? Maybe, but I doubt Tebow is going to go all "Colt Brennan" in his first SEC game as a starter.
And for the love of God, are there more Colquitts than Clausens? Do good kickers and bad QB's grow on trees somewhere?

But this game does not come down to names and stats, so I won't drone on about them. This game comes down to heart. The Tennessee Vols are just not afraid to play in the Swamp (they are 5-8 all time there, winning two of the last three). Maybe Urban Meyer really is a brilliant strategist. If so, he will be hard to beat while he's still at Florida (come on, you know that ego will send him to the NFL....). But every other year, only the Vols have been viewed as a possible "L" for the Gators in Gainesville. No other SEC East team can say that. Hell, no other SEC team can say that.

So Git-r-dun, fellas. It only takes heart.

And watch out for the jean short posse.............


Anonymous said...

Got a score prediction?

BulldogBry said...

I don't really predict scores, only because I'm not fluent enough in stats to know what will happen. Besides, predicting UT football scores is like predicting what Britney Spears is going to do next. It's surprising, but not really surprising, you know?
I will say this. Most everyone is picking Florida, but I really think the Vols will take this one in a shootout.

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