Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Second Day of Pads: Vols A Little Slower

With heat indexes reaching and getting over 100 degrees the Vols Second day of pads was moved inside. But inside Coach Fulmer was not impressed.

“I don’t know that we had great work in here to be honest with you,” Fulmer said. “I think our youth showed up a little bit today."

“They are tired, I know, and beat up after our first scrimmage on Tuesday. But when we practice like today, it’s hard to say we got enough done. Hopefully, we’ll be better tomorrow and our leadership will show back up tomorrow.”

These are just two quotes from Coach about how discouraging day two was.

The move inside lowered the chances of any heat related problems. With the covering it keeps Vols away from the sun but not completly away from the heat because the unair-conditioned room is only cooled by fans.

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