Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Just 3 Days Until Football Time in Tennessee

We have three days. That's right three days until the Vols vs. Cal matchup. The teams have Captains and Starters picked and are going through some last minute things before the big game. But before it we won't to recognize someone who in the Cal game came up huge for the Vols. He broke tackles and scored huge touchdowns in the season opener and started right out the gate earning the respect of his peers. He went on to have a tremendous junior season and now resides with a team called the New Orleans Saints. You all know who it is that I'm talking about it's Mr. Robert Meachem. Meachem had a fantasy year last year and opted to go to the NFL instead of return for his senior season. He had a great Tennessee career and will be know as another Vol Great at Wide Receiver. He looks to add to that college experience with an NFL one as he was Drafted in the first round to the Saints. Thanks for what you did Meachem, you had a big heart, class, and did it for the team. Thanks for being a Vol and we will always remember you. Go Vols and have a great NFL career. It's officially 3 Days until the Vols opening game. Can't you feel it building, this is what it is all about college football baby.

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Getting to the Game

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