Sunday, August 12, 2007

First Scrimmage in the Books

The Vols first scrimmage is out of the way and looking back, there was a lot of defense. They just started a series too late. The Vols offense started with a 68 yard, 15 play opening-drive touchdown. Then kicked in the defense with 13 sacks and three interceptions.

“I’ve been out here when the offense didn’t make a first down, so Coach (John) Chavis won’t be happy about that (opening score),” head coach Phillip Fulmer said. “We’ll have a chance to coach the defense up and see what was going on with that, but afterward I thought the defense looked pretty good.”

Arian Foster ran hard all day , 13 carries for 47 yards and a 1-yard touchdown. Lennon Creer helped with 84 yards on 11 touches and Daryl Vereen with 41 yards on 13 attempts.

Defensive Leaders
Andre Mathis recorded 7 tackles, 4 sacks
Jerod Mayo, Dorian Davis, and Nevin McKenzie each added d6 tackles of their own.
While interceptions belonged to Antonio Gaines, Eric Berry, and DeAngelo Willingham.

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