Friday, August 10, 2007

The Best Receiver Thus Far?

Tennessee had quite a haul at the wide receiver position this past year. Among the new receivers on campus are Brent Vinson (5* wide receiver), Ahmad Paige (4* WR), Gerald Jones (4* almost 5* listed as the 5th overall athlete in the nation), and Kenny O'Neal who will be a Junior due to attending JUCO.
3* Darnius Moore (pronounced De-nar-ee-us) was really an afterthought. Trooper Taylor was assigned to recruit tailback Lennon Creer out of Tatum, TX and one of Creer's teammates caught his eye. The Vols landed both of the players once signing day rolled around and Taylor could not be happier. When Taylor was asked of the incoming receivers who is the most ready to play, he had this to say. "Darnius Moore. He’s made the biggest jump for me. He’s showed up. He knows how to work. He’s got some dynamics and he’s a tough kid.”

Surprised? Me too. It just goes to show you the rankings mean little. Just as football games are darn near impossible to predict, whether a young guy has what it takes or not is possibly even more difficult.

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