Friday, August 17, 2007

15 Days: Making the Trip From Knoxville to Cincinnati

Another day less until the Vols take on the Bears in California. As we continue our countdown of Vol greats we run across two former Vols who wore the number 15 at Tennessee. But there is something special between these two guys because not only have they both played for the Vols they both played for the Bengals. Both players played under NFL team the Cincinnati Bengals. The two players are Carl Pickens and Kelly Washington. Another thing they both share is the position they play. Both became successful pro players under the wide receiver position. Now Carl Pickens is no longer with the Bengals and neither is Kelly Washington after his trade to the Patriots this offseason. Now we officially have just 15 days left people so gear up and get ready because it is almost "Football Time In Tennessee".

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Getting to the Game

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