Thursday, August 30, 2007

What Impact Will LaMarcus Coker Have on the Season

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Less than 3 weeks after his indefinite suspension from the Volunteer football program, LaMacus Coker has been reinstated. But does his return raise more questions than it answers?

Coker was officially disbarred to take care of an undisclosed medical condition which has been reported as a marijuana problem. Apparently he had to undergo a rehabilitation program in order to gain re admittance. So who is to say this "problem" will not resurface mid season?
In my opinion the young man deserves the benefit of the doubt. He did every thing required of him in quick fashion to rejoin the squad in time to rejoin fall practice and that shows a commitment to the program.

So what impact will he have on the running game when he returns week 2 against Southern Miss? Coker is the leading returning rusher from last year and averaged a whopping 6.4 yards per carry. He is the explosive element to the Vols offense that has been lacking for many years. He is a threat to score each time he touches the football and will be utilized in ways that will take advantage of his elusiveness and ability to make sudden cuts.

Without Coker, the running game was expected to be good; better than last year behind a more experienced offensive line. With him it becomes a threat, no matter what team is on defense. Coker will eventually become the go-to guy at running back and I expect that to happen sooner rather than later.

Arian Foster will be the starter headed into Saturday's match-up against 12th ranked Cal, but if he doesn't put up the numbers, don't be surprised to see Coker take over the reins at some point during the year.

One thing is for certain, Coker's return makes the Volunteer run game a force that will have to be dealt with all year long.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Just 3 Days Until Football Time in Tennessee

We have three days. That's right three days until the Vols vs. Cal matchup. The teams have Captains and Starters picked and are going through some last minute things before the big game. But before it we won't to recognize someone who in the Cal game came up huge for the Vols. He broke tackles and scored huge touchdowns in the season opener and started right out the gate earning the respect of his peers. He went on to have a tremendous junior season and now resides with a team called the New Orleans Saints. You all know who it is that I'm talking about it's Mr. Robert Meachem. Meachem had a fantasy year last year and opted to go to the NFL instead of return for his senior season. He had a great Tennessee career and will be know as another Vol Great at Wide Receiver. He looks to add to that college experience with an NFL one as he was Drafted in the first round to the Saints. Thanks for what you did Meachem, you had a big heart, class, and did it for the team. Thanks for being a Vol and we will always remember you. Go Vols and have a great NFL career. It's officially 3 Days until the Vols opening game. Can't you feel it building, this is what it is all about college football baby.

Ainge has Broken Pinky

Just hours after reports of Ainge's pinky being "only jammed" Phillip Fulmer changed those by saying that Ainge does have a broken pinky. It is assumed that he will still play this Saturday vs. Cal and he added “I’m not concerned about being able to play and being ready to play you never know. You’re always one play away. Anything could happen, but right now I feel confident that I’ll be ready to play.”

He also said this about it “What I do in practice, what I did (Tuesday), what I do today and even what I’ll do tomorrow isn’t necessarily a reflection of how it’s feeling.” So come Saturday I think you can expect him to play but focusing on the running game and you never know even Crompton could come in at some point.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Who's Ready for some Football

This weekend kicked off high school football and around the area were some great games to see. But the real fun startsSeptember 1st when Tennessee takes on Cal. It's the game we've all been waiting for and here marks some things to watch for and/or let you in on.

  • Phillip Fulmer is 4-1 all-time against current members of the Pac-10 Conference

  • Fulmer is 14-1 all-time in season-openers

  • Erik Ainge, Jonathan Hefney, Xavier Mitchell and Eric Young will serve as the Vols’ captains for the California game.

  • Tennessee’s defense has allowed just six opposing ballcarriers to rush for at least 100 yards in the last 37 games. During that span, the opponents’ top rusher has averaged 77.2 yards per game.

  • Jonathan Hefney has a streak of 36 consecutive starts

  • Cornerback Eric Berry is one of the top three cornerbacks on the Vols’ defensive depth chart coming out of summer camp and could join select company if he is given the start at Cal

  • Mayo is on the watch list for the 2007 Rotary Lombardi Award

  • McNeil has is on the watch list for the Dave Rimington Trophy

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Freshman Ben Martin Underwent Surgery...Good News

Sunday it was reported here that Ben Martin suffered an injury in Saturday night's scrimmage. There were reports that you could hear him screaming in pain from the injury. Sunday's MRI showed what looked like an injury to the ACL. UT head athletic trainer Jason McVeigh says the extent of Martin’s injury will be known after the surgery, which is being performed by Drs. Greg Mathien and Russell Betcher of the Knoxville Orthopedic Clinic. News is that Martin will only be out two to four weeks and may be back for the Florida game! That's right just two to four weeks. GoVolsXtra has reported just that saying...

Tennessee freshman defensive end Ben Martin doesn’t have any torn knee ligaments
as many in the program first believed following his injury in the scrimmage on
Saturday night.
A deep bruise to the bone should leave him out hopefully closer to the two weeks. This is great news to fans and coaches. All the evidence you need is in this one quote for Coach Phillip Fulmer “Ben Martin will be an All-American here.”

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Vols Second Scrimmage Pleasing

After yesterday's second scrimmage for the Vols Phillip Fulmer seemed pleased with the production of the Vols. The coaches stressed the running game but it was a good day for Ainge as well. “There were some exciting things that happened for the offense,” Fulmer said. “Those young running backs certainly looked good. I thought Arian and Montario ran with authority.

True freshmen, Lennon Creer and Daryl Vereen were running well and Vereen caught some eyes with a 17 yard touchdown run. Passing wise Erik Ainge threw 14-of-25 with 2 TDs and an interception. Crompton added a 10-of-15 and 77 yard night.

Defensively, Eric Berry, freshman, added another interception which is his second in as many scrimmages. Not to mention his five tackles. Also racking up on tackles was Nevin McKenzie and DeAngelo Willingham who both had 7.

On injury report another freshman, Ben Martin fell to a knee injury and had to leave for X-Rays. Here's what Fulmer had to say about it “We’re obviously real concerned about Ben. He’s a heck of a young prospect and I would hate to see him out for any length of time.”

Friday, August 17, 2007

15 Days: Making the Trip From Knoxville to Cincinnati

Another day less until the Vols take on the Bears in California. As we continue our countdown of Vol greats we run across two former Vols who wore the number 15 at Tennessee. But there is something special between these two guys because not only have they both played for the Vols they both played for the Bengals. Both players played under NFL team the Cincinnati Bengals. The two players are Carl Pickens and Kelly Washington. Another thing they both share is the position they play. Both became successful pro players under the wide receiver position. Now Carl Pickens is no longer with the Bengals and neither is Kelly Washington after his trade to the Patriots this offseason. Now we officially have just 15 days left people so gear up and get ready because it is almost "Football Time In Tennessee".

Thursday, August 16, 2007

With 16 Days Left

No other Volunteer will ever wear the storied #16 for the Vols again.
What can be said about the impact Peyton Manning has had on both the Volunteer football program and college football in general? One could argue that without Petyon's contributions to the team, the Volunteers would not have won the national championship in 1998 with Tee Martin under center, and one would not be wrong.

Peyton came to the school as Archie's son, much heralded coming out of high school, but known more for the fact that his father was the hall of fame quarterback than for his own prowess as a football player. He left Peyton Manning, winningest quarterback in SEC history, owner of most Tennessee quarterbacking records and the top overall draft pick in the 1998 NFL draft.

And while he never won the national title while at Tennessee, or beat chief rival Florida, he will forever be remembered and revered by the Volunteer nation for the spirit he embodied and the passion with which he played this game we all love so dearly.

It is widely believed that when Manning retires, he will own most records for Quarterbacking in the NFL and will be a sure-bet first ballot Hall of Famer. Today, with 16 days left until Football Time in Tennessee, we pay tribute to Superbowl champion Peyton Manning #16.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

We've Got 17 Days!

That's right folks only 17 days left until Tennessee Volunteer football. Any many of the people we have talked about in honoring on this site have been from the '98 National Championship team. People like Travis Henry, Dwayne Goodrich, Jamal Lewis, and Al Wilson. Today we'll name another from the team. But he wasn't just a leader. He was the leader of the team, other oeioke were there to help him out and provide leadership but what a championship team must have is a quaterback. Today we remember a man that wore the orange and white and led the Vols to the National Title, we remember Tee Martin.
After the National Championship game many articles were written on the Vols but one that sticks out to me is a one by Sports Illustrated. It was written about Tee and headed as PEYTON SET RECORDS, TEE GOT A TITLE. That was the perfect description for it back then. In the shadow of Peyton comes Mr. Tee Martin a junior at QB who had thrown just 16 passes the two years before this point and leads the Vols to a title. It was amazing a perfect season and Championship the year after our great quaterback leaves.

Phillip Fulmer said afterword
"He played an outstanding game, he knows how to manage a game. He gives you a threat as a runner, he's very difficult to defend. As the season has gone along, he's gotten better and better. I would not trade Tee Martin for anyone in the country."

Tee Martin is honored today for the job that he did that '98 season. The season Vol fans will never forget, thanks to Tee Martin and company.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

18 Days Until Football Time in Tennessee

As we always do, with 18 days left until the start of Tennessee's football season, we pay homage to one of the brave warriors to wear the number 18, Jason Allen.

Allen came to Tennessee as a highly recruited 4 star athelete out of Muscle Shoals, Alabama who played sparingly on special teams as a freshman in 2002 before taking over as an eight-game starter in the Volunteer secondary in 2003. He spent most of the 2003 season at cornerback but moved to safety as a junior in 2004 and finished with 123 tackles. He was a man of many positions and was utilized wherever most needed in the defense.

Allen decided to return to Tennessee for his senior year after coaches promised to play him at Cornerback for the 2005 season. Fulmer called it the "best get" of the recruiting year.
As a senior in less than five games, he recorded 35 tackles, three tackles for loss, one sack and seven passes defended.

Late in the second half in the Volunteer's fifth game of the year versus Georgia at Neyland Stadium, Allen collided with Bulldog tight end Leonard Pope attempting to make a tackle.
His hip came out of joint but went right back in during the collision and his career as a Volunteer was ended.

Allen had this to say about his injury: “I was really blessed to represent the T on the helmet. I appreciate everyone who has been there for me throughout my years there … I appreciate everyone and always will be a Volunteer.”

Yes, Jason, yes..... you will forever be...... a Volunteer.

Allen was drafted in the first round of the 2006 NFL draft by current Alabama coach Nick Saban with the 16th overall pick as a Safety. He is currently still with the Dolphins franchise.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

20 Days

Number 20 Travis Henry was a big part of the '98 National Championship. He was a great runner and a Vol great. Travis Henry is the man remembered with 20 days left.

One of Travis Henry's most memerable touchdowns was the game winner against Arkansas in 1998.

A Knoxville Newspaper wrote:
Travis Henry couldn't be denied as he ran five straight times and scored from the 1 to stun the Razorbacks with one of the biggest victories in school history.

First Scrimmage in the Books

The Vols first scrimmage is out of the way and looking back, there was a lot of defense. They just started a series too late. The Vols offense started with a 68 yard, 15 play opening-drive touchdown. Then kicked in the defense with 13 sacks and three interceptions.

“I’ve been out here when the offense didn’t make a first down, so Coach (John) Chavis won’t be happy about that (opening score),” head coach Phillip Fulmer said. “We’ll have a chance to coach the defense up and see what was going on with that, but afterward I thought the defense looked pretty good.”

Arian Foster ran hard all day , 13 carries for 47 yards and a 1-yard touchdown. Lennon Creer helped with 84 yards on 11 touches and Daryl Vereen with 41 yards on 13 attempts.

Defensive Leaders
Andre Mathis recorded 7 tackles, 4 sacks
Jerod Mayo, Dorian Davis, and Nevin McKenzie each added d6 tackles of their own.
While interceptions belonged to Antonio Gaines, Eric Berry, and DeAngelo Willingham.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Striking Remsemblance? Part 5

The SEC is full of many great head coaches and players and is the top conference in college football. But ever think about who those coaches look like. We'll go through each SEC football coach one-by-one with them and their picture and the look-a-like and thier picture.

5. Spurrier and Elmo

They look very similar haha.

Vols Beat The Heat

Thursday's practice was outside in the blistering heat. It came a day after Fulmer talked about how bad Wednesday's practice was. Thursday was a different story.
“I thought it was a good day,” Fulmer said. “After watching the film, I might have been a little hard on them yesterday. They really did push through. Some of the youngsters we are trying to count on, they just truly don’t understand what it takes to play in the Southeastern Conference.”
Practice was focused around running the two minute drill, two pooint conversions, and the Vols short game. Tennessee gets today off before the scrimmage tomorrow.
“Everything that we’re doing at this time is geared towards the scrimmage on Saturday,” Fulmer said. “We’re giving the second and third groups good looks while trying to keep the first group going in the right direction.”
Fulmer feels the need to keep pushing the youngsters as many will be expected to contribute to the 2007 season. The Saturday scrimmage will give him a chance to see what he has in WR and on the line.

The Best Receiver Thus Far?

Tennessee had quite a haul at the wide receiver position this past year. Among the new receivers on campus are Brent Vinson (5* wide receiver), Ahmad Paige (4* WR), Gerald Jones (4* almost 5* listed as the 5th overall athlete in the nation), and Kenny O'Neal who will be a Junior due to attending JUCO.
3* Darnius Moore (pronounced De-nar-ee-us) was really an afterthought. Trooper Taylor was assigned to recruit tailback Lennon Creer out of Tatum, TX and one of Creer's teammates caught his eye. The Vols landed both of the players once signing day rolled around and Taylor could not be happier. When Taylor was asked of the incoming receivers who is the most ready to play, he had this to say. "Darnius Moore. He’s made the biggest jump for me. He’s showed up. He knows how to work. He’s got some dynamics and he’s a tough kid.”

Surprised? Me too. It just goes to show you the rankings mean little. Just as football games are darn near impossible to predict, whether a young guy has what it takes or not is possibly even more difficult.

Striking Resemblance? Part 4

The SEC is full of many great head coaches and players and is the top conference in college football. But ever think about who those coaches look like. We'll go through each SEC football coach one-by-one with them and their picture and the look-a-like and thier picture.

4. Tuberville and Perot

After a double take Sab hit the nail on the hammer with this very similar resemblance.

Striking Resemblance? Part 3

The SEC is full of many great head coaches and players and is the top conference in college football. But ever think about who those coaches look like. We'll go through each SEC football coach one-by-one with them and their picture and the look-a-like and thier picture.

3. Les Miles and a Bulldog

Watch out LSU fans you never know when Les could become a bulldog?

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Striking Resemblance? Part 2

The SEC is full of many great head coaches and players and is the top conference in college football. But ever think about who those coaches look like. We'll go through each SEC football coach one-by-one with them and their picture and the look-a-like and thier picture.
2. Ed Orgeron and Bobby Bacala

Watch out Ole Miss fans Coach O may be starring on The Sopranos instead of coaching your team. Or wait would you guys like that?

Striking Resemblance? Part 1

The SEC is full of many great head coache s and players and is the top conference in college football. But ever think about who those coaches look like. We'll go through each SEC football coach one-by-one with them and their picture and the look-a-like and thier picture.

1. Nick Saban and Enzyte Bob

Mr. Saban compared to Enzyte Bob.

It could be Saban's next job you. He could promise that Alabama is his school and then the next day you could see him on TV.

7 Questions

The Daily 7 questions for the Vols 07 freshman is in full swing. Today's freshman- Kevin Cooper.
You can check it out over on for the other 26 newcomers. Vols football is starting up be a part of it. Go Vols!


July 31-
Todd Campbell
Aug. 1-
Art Evans
Aug. 2-
Donald Langley
Aug. 3-
Cody Pope
Aug. 4-
Darris Sawtelle
Aug. 5-
Anthony Anderson
Aug. 6-
Eric Berry
Aug. 7-
William Brimfield
Aug. 8-
BJ Coleman

23 Days

We have 23 days. And like we like to do here we honor a player that wore the number. Who else can you honor here today than
Dwayne Goodrich.
He's another man part of the '98 National Championship team and played huge that game until an injury but he still was able to help the Vols. He scored a TD in one of the biggest games of his life. He also went on to play in 99 where in the picture below made an amazing interception against Memphis. Dwayne Goodrich, #23 , a man who helped the Vols get a ring. We honor him today with 23 days until the big one.

Getting to the Game

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